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Overall, the Quazar campaign has helped to heighten awareness of the importance of the Build Character, Build Success TDSB initiative.
  • Agree or Strongly Agree 94%
The students of the school are enjoying the Monthly Inclusive Recess.
  • Agree or Strongly Agree 100%
As an educator, I find the program worthwhile.
  • Agree or Strongly Agree 96%
The recognition of the Monthly Character Education theme winners is helping to bolster and reinforce the self esteem of those students.
  • Agree or Strongly Agree 93%
The students are participating willingly in this program.
  • Agree or Strongly Agree 100%


Quote from a Principal of a TDSB Public School:

In today’s world, raising and educating children who will become the social drivers of tomorrow very much requires that we promote in them the desire to live in a way which brings out the best in them and those around them. Being able to enjoy positive and rewarding interpersonal relationships, based on a strong set of character principles, will dictate our children’s future success in a technology and information-rich environment which will demand a high level of emotional intelligence and the ability to collaborate effectively with others.

The Build Character, Build Success program initiates and develops an understanding and appreciation for each of the ten key character traits within the program. Students are engaged by the videos, drawn further in by the peer nominations, and become committed to these attributes through the positive reinforcement/reward of praise/acknowledgement in assemblies, on posters, and in organizing, leading, and participating in the inclusive recesses. A key part of delivering the program is for school staff to reinforce with all students that each and every one of them is capable of being a Character Champion, and that these character traits are probably already a part of who they are.

Possibly the most important factor of the entire program, aside from the awareness piece of teaching students about the character traits, is the peer recognition through nominations. Students are actively involved in “catching” peers behaving well and representing the trait. The positive, affirmative nature of this process is SO rewarding–who doesn’t like being recognized for being good? The Character Champion posters are tangible and visible (every teacher has a “Wall of Fame” or “Door of Fame” in their room, and students take smaller versions home to proudly display to their families) motivators and reminders of good role models in each class. The recesses themselves are key in building a sense not only of fun, but also of inclusion, as all levels of students are involved simultaneously.

Brian Fong

Principal, Roywood Public School

Quotes from Teachers:

This program has been great to help incorporate monthly character traits in a fun way, especially for our younger students. Norman Ingram Teacher

Thank you for your monthly newsletter emails – very helpful to have them come in with reminders and great ideas. Roywood Teacher

Build Character, Build Success really promotes the qualities in a legitimate and meaningful way. Students work towards goals we set as a class each month! LOVE THE INCLUSIVE RECESSES!!! Roywood Teacher

Starting at a young age, the Build Character, Build Success program gives all students exposure to and understanding of these very important character traits. Roywood Teacher

The students really look forward to connecting with the Build Character, Build Success team.  Inclusive recesses are always a success.  I will look at implementing more of the program components next school year. Roywood Teacher

Love this program. I am personally very grateful for all the work that goes into the program and the willingness of your staff to volunteer at our school for inclusive recesses and other school events! Roywood Teacher

The Build Character, Build Success program has anchored students’ understanding of the various character education qualities so integral to becoming a productive member of society. Roywood Teacher

The idea of an inclusive recess is great, the kids get excited when they hear that there is one coming up. They definitely feel happy about the recess activities. They feel happy when they are nominated. Roywood Teacher

Students have been engaged with the monthly nomination process and are encouraged to regularly reflect on the actions of both themselves and their peers. Roywood Teacher

In a busy school environment, your resources and support are extraordinarily helpful, particularly in a small school like ours where we all have more on the go in our community than schools with 30+ teachers (they can share the load more). THANK YOU!!! Roywood Teacher

The visuals (videos) and activities to use in the classroom are great. Roywood Teacher

The Inclusive Recess Planning activity is helping the Character Champions improve their leadership skills. It gives them an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in something the whole school participates in and that is fun! Grenoble Teacher

The Build Character, Build Success program helps to develop strong, confident and contributing members of society. It helps them to understand and evolve into the best people they can be and they learn how to make the world a better place as a result. Grenoble Teacher

I find it’s important that students see and learn that the character traits are not just looked upon month to month, but the whole year through.  Also, that they are traits that young and old should strive to have throughout life. Sloane Teacher

The data collected guides us, as a school, from where we are to where we want to go next. Also, it provides feedback to teachers on current issues we are facing and how we can go about and implement strategies to promote a caring and safe school. Sloane Teacher

The Build Character, Build Success program motivates students to better themselves and promotes inclusiveness. Roywood Teacher

This program shines a light on positive behaviour and creates a focus for students to learn about character education. Roywood Teacher

The visual presentations through video and poster displays provide examples and reminders of how students can apply their understanding in their everyday lives. Roywood Teacher

Utilizing stories in literacy, mathematical word problems, role-playing in the dramatic arts and scene drawings or paintings in the visual arts to address moral dilemmas, helps students to identify appropriate behaviour and subsequently the positive effects of such behaviour. Roywood Teacher

The program’s effectiveness increases even more when classroom lessons incorporate the specific character trait of the month. Roywood Teacher

Love inclusive recess!!! Brings all students together and they enter the classroom feeling good about themselves and happy to be part of it. Roywood Teacher

Students are eager to participate and demonstrate the character in order to win. Roywood Teacher

I think the program encourages students to demonstrate good behaviour and feel a sense of accomplishment. Many are excited when they receive the award and get to plan the exclusive recess. Roywood Teacher

The BCBS program is easy to follow and implement into any classroom. Roywood Teacher

Character Education is a valuable program to the whole school and we appreciate and value our ongoing partnership with BCCS. Thank-you for your support! Grenoble Teacher

As a result of this program, my students are demonstrating more positive behaviours within the school. They are aware of the terminology and are able to show signs of the character traits in their positive behaviours. Grenoble Teacher

Thank you for all the effort you put into helping at our school! It is very much appreciated! Grenoble Teacher

We are deeply appreciative of this program!
We appreciate the program very much and the flexibility it offers to our busy school climate. Thank you.

Grenoble Teacher

The students were more aware of their achievements and wanted to do their best to be the next monthly candidate. I also saw more camaraderie and support and leadership within my students. Grenoble Teacher

The kids who are selected each month as the champions feel good about being recognized with the posters in class and the ones in the library. Grenoble Teacher

The kids like the recognition for showing the character traits; it shows other students what to look for in a role model behaviour. Grenoble Teacher

The Build Character, Build Success program ensures the students are aware of positive character traits. Grenoble Teacher

The Build Character, Build Success program ensures the students are aware of positive character traits. Grenoble Teacher

Overall, a program to build character is helpful. Grenoble Teacher

It makes the students very proud of themselves. Grenoble Teacher

I have seen an increased awareness and understanding of the Character Attributes in my students. Nice to see students use the vocabulary in everyday situations! Grenoble Teacher

My students appreciate and are proud of being recognized as monthly Character Attribute Champions. My students are “over the moon” when they get recognized and have their picture taken and displayed. Grenoble Teacher

Thank you for all the love and support you have sent to Grenoble. Your help is very much palpable. Everyday. Grenoble Teacher

The program is great and helps build self esteem for the students! Thanks for all your efforts. Grenoble Teacher

Thank you for all you do to help support the growth and well being of our students! Grenoble Teacher

It acknowledges the kids who do good things around the school just by striving to be good people. Grenoble Teacher

Quotes from Students:

I love the recesses – we get to play cool games together.

Roywood Student

I was the Integrity Champion – I didn’t know what integrity was before, but I do now!

Roywood Student

I didn’t think I was going to be an Honesty champion, but I’m happy because I always tell the truth.

Roywood Student

The videos are funny.
I like Quazar!

Roywood Student

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