Wynford has partnered with PREVNet to create a free unique, one of a kind program that reinforces positive behaviour.

Each month, students will learn about a different character trait. The teachers can use the supplied module/lesson plan available with the program. There are also additional online resources available for use as needed.

Each month, students nominate other students when they see an attribute or “superpower” in action. At the end of the month, the child with the most nominations becomes the class ‘champion’ and is recognized at assembly, has their photo taken and placed in a poster displayed in the school, has their name printed in the newsletter and becomes part of a group who will create a monthly recess or will partake in leadership luncheons designed to be fun and inclusive for all. All class ‘champions’ will be recognized in a poster hung in a place of honour in a common area of the school for years to come. Library resource centres are encouraged to display literature that reflects the featured character trait.

It is important to note that the program can be used in its entirety as well as its individual parts based on your individual school’s needs.


Our online manual outlines the following key components of the program:

  1. How to launch the program at the opening assembly
  2. Introduction of the character attributes/superpowers by teachers (classroom session)
  3. Process for introducing the monthly character attribute/superpower at monthly assemblies
  4. Peer nominations of students showing character attributes
  5. Monthly RECOGNITION for champions at assemblies
  6. Monthly all-inclusive recesses planned by classroom winners
  7. Monthly leadership luncheons are executed
  8. Program evaluation


Each registered school will have access to an online resource containing everything necessary to run the Build Character, Build Success program successfully. This will include videos, printable student nomination forms, monthly ‘champion’ poster templates, suggested readings, how-to guides for all-inclusive recesses and leadership luncheons and all other program materials. Schools will also have access to sample PA announcements and newsletter entries for each character attribute, as well as program evaluation materials (e.g., questionnaires).

The reading material and online lesson plans included in the Build Character, Build Success program can be used to meet the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education Language Curriculum. Please feel free to use these resources to help you complete your curriculum requirements with your students.

Click here to download the Building Success Curriculum Connections Excel spreadsheet.

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